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Escape From Tarkov Update 12.8 brought us not only new content, it also implemented heavy bleeding. In this guide, we will show you the best methods to treat it.

Even more difficult with Update 12.8: In the patch notes for Escape From Tarkov Update 12.8 you will find new content and skills as well as a change in the medical system.

The last patch from Battelstate Games brought us “Heavy Bleeding”, which drains far more and faster life points than normal blood loss. You also have to use heavier guns to heal these injuries.

tarkov schwere blutung

How to cure heavy bleeding in Escape From Tarkov

What you need: Many of the traditional bandages and first aid kits are not sufficient to stop heavy bleeding. The only thing that can heal such an injury are the following tools:

  • Salewa
  • Grizzley
  • Esmarch
  • Hemostatic

Nothing but these remedies can relieve you of heavy bleeding. If you are not carrying any of these items with you and are still hit and wounded accordingly, you should look for an exit as quickly as possible.

Because as long as you are bleeding profusely, you will leave a trail behind you. This makes it easy for chasers to track you down and kill you. Anyway, you won’t get very far with an injury this bad.

A special feature since Update 12.8 of Escape From Tarkov is that car kits no longer cure bleeding at all! You have to be careful here because car kits still have their old description, which continues to promise that – but it’s wrong.

How to stop the bleeding: So if you get wounded, react quickly. You mustn’t lose any time due to the rapid loss of HP.

The Esmarch Tornique is used like a bandage. It takes around 5 seconds to apply. Of all the listed items you will probably find this item most frequently in-raid, as it is not particularly rare.

However, the best option to treat heavy bleeding is likely to be the CALOK-B Hemostatic Injector. This gives you three applications, each taking you around 3 seconds. In addition, it costs just 2000 rubles at Therapist.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend a grizzly kit. With a slot size of 2×2, it’s not exactly small. The bright side is that with its help you can heal your torso almost continuously, even in the middle of a fight. As a remedy for blood loss, however, I would do without it.

Last but not least, we come to the Salewa Kit. This should quickly turn out to be a meta variant, as it restores quite a lot of HP, at the same time stops the heavy bleeding and has an application duration of only 3 seconds.

Speaking of “many health points”, if you just need to stop bleeding and don’t want to heal up, you should leave the Salewa out. Because each time it is used for heavy bleeding, it loses a quarter of its HP. So better pack a Hemostatic!



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