Counterstrike: Global Offensive has been a popular first person shooter for a long time, but its player base started to crumble when the battle royale genre came to live with games as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite. According to certain game files, we might expect a such a battle royale mode soon in CS:GO.

Reading between the lines

According to the video of Valve news networks, CS:GO might be the next game to get a battle royale mode. In the video Tyler McVicker looks back to all CS:GO patches dating back from May 2016. Some of these files show references with the battle royale genre and aren’t found in the game yet.

A few of these references are: Compound bows, bare-fisted combat as well as light and heavy armour, supply crates, parachutes and drones. Along the files there is also a clue towards an island map, which we known isn’t included in the game.

It’s the question if Valve will jump on the battle royale genre, which is immensely popular at the moment. It wouldn’t be surprising as the genre seems to work nicely for the Chinese market, giving CS:GO the perfect opportunity to get more players and take the number one spot back from PUBG. But, let’s not forget we are talking about Valve, which is known for not releasing everything they make.


SOURCEValve News Network via Youtube
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