Crying is not Enough


The Indie Gamestudio Storyline team has just released the launch trailer of their new horror-action game Crying is not Enough. As crying isn’t going to help, the game actually allows you to fight the horrors instead of hiding.

A Dark Journey

In Crying is not Enough you play as the 35-year-old Jacob Halten, whose wife just had a car accident. A few weeks later his wife Claire is about to discharge from the hospital. However, she mysteriously disappears and Jacob gets approached by a woman who knows where Claire is. Later on, Jacob will realize that his wife is just a small piece of the bigger picture. So, he will need to adapt and survive while unraveling the mystery.

The launch trailer gives a bit of an insight into the story and what horrors you will encounter while exploring the mansion and its garden. And well, the scenery of the game surely looks horrific.

As the player, you will need to discover the secrets by solving puzzles and exploring the world. However, while exploring you will encounter various monsters who aren’t as friendly. Luckily you aren’t defenseless as you will be able to fight back with the weapons you find. In Addition, other survival mechanics are needed to stay alive.

Crying is not Enough will be available on Steam on June 8th. However, console players will have to wait till Q3 of 2018 as the Xbox and PlayStation version is still being developed.


SOURCEStorylineteam via twitter
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