Conan Exiles Dupe-Exploit Wipe

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Just a few months after the release, Funcom’s Conan Exiles has already had to fight back against a serious duplicating glitch that could ruin their servers. The Conan community are in uproar and want Funcom to act. Destroy the dupe exploit!

Dupe Exploits Are No Fun

After players in their droves complained on Reddit about the current server problem, Funcom immediately went to work in search of a solution. Many players were/are protesting that with the dupe exploit, people are able to duplicate top tier objects and high quality items in ridiculous quantities. Duplicating gives cheaters an enormous advantage over honest players and completely destroys any shred of balance the server tries to maintain. Even if the exploit itself is fixed, the damage would have already been done and hundreds, if not thousands, of players would have an unfair advantage. Funcom must act.

Possible Wipe

A simple and effective option Funcom have is to wipe the servers. This will mean a clean slate for all players and with the dupe exploit fixed, no more excessive high tier hoarding. However, it seems as though developers are still undecided on whether this is the best course of action. On Friday via Twitter they informed the community that they are aware of the problem but have not come to a decision just yet.

Hopefully we will have an answer from Funcom soon and the notorious dupe exploit will be but a memory. What do you think, is a wipe necessary and should the cheaters be punished? We will keep you informed on the developers’ decisions.



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