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A new update for the survival MMO Conan Exiles is now available. This update added over 50 new emotes and addressed some general bug fixes and improvements.

About the New Emotes

Before now, Conan Exiles only had one available emote – giving up. This has now changed drastically with the surplus of new ones. A few of the new emotes are now included after character creation. Others, however, must be found and learned across The Exiled Lands. There are 7 different categories for emotes: conversational, dances, flirting, greetings, worship, relaxation, and expressions.

Conan Exiles Seductive Dance
Barbarian seduction dancing. Neat!
Conan Exiles Belly Dance
Shake those hips!
Conan Exiles Pointing Emote
Hey, you there! Stop pointing at me!

You can access all your emotes via the radial menu, which can be toggled by pressing R on the keypad while in game. Here’s a detailed list of all the new emotes available now:

Conversational (Learned by interacting with an object)

  • Grovel
  • Ponder
  • Big clap
  • Small clap
  • Point
  • Bear hug
  • Shrug
  • Surrender

Dances (Learned by watching dancers)

  • Aquilonian dance
  • Cimmerian dance
  • Khitan dance
  • Warrior dance
  • Belly dance
  • Seductive dance

Flirting (Learned by interacting with an object)

  • Laying seductively
  • Squirming
  • Come here
  • Spank
  • Blow kiss
  • Show off
  • Comb hair
  • Flirt 1
  • Flirt 2

Greetings (Given to players after character creation)

  • Salute
  • Wave
  • Bow

Worship (Learned by interacting with an object)

  • Kneel
  • “By Mitra!”
  • “By Set!”
  • “By Crom!”
  • “By Yog!”
  • Pray sitting
  • Pray standing

Relaxation (Given to players after character creation)

  • Sit on ground
  • Sleep on ground

Expressions (Learn by interacting with a world object)

  • Cross arms
  • Submissive
  • Shift weight
  • Score
  • Small laugh
  • Big laugh
  • Sigh
  • Yawn
  • Wounded
  • Shake fist (Given to players after character creation)


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