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Conan Exiles is a brilliant new open-world survival game full of cut-throats, savagery and corruption. However, if you’re looking for a world of diverse climates and biomes, we say look elsewhere. No matter where you travel in Conan Exiles, you will be surrounded by desert, desert and more desert. The Exiled Lands of Hyboria present you with unstoppable monsters, bloodthirsty barbarians and the unyielding wrath of the Sun’s rays. The desert is an unforgiving and challenging environment, but being surrounded by the same scenery does eventually become rather tiresome. However change is on the way; get your Winter clothes ready, it’s time to visit the Highlands.

The Highlands

Funcom, developers of Conan Exiles, have announced one of their biggest updates for the coming months, the Highlands biome. This new area of the map will include much more greenery, an abundance of fertile soil and even some snow-capped mountains. A temperature system will be added with this update, giving you more to worry about on your travels. If you’re sick of the desert’s heat, move on over to the Highlands for a more hospitable climate.

With this biome will come all new religions and the chance to worship unknown and exciting Gods. We will update you on any creatures or features announced for the Highlands biome.

Snow-capped mountains.
I don’t think the climate up there will be any less forgiving.



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