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In a recent developer Livestream for survival MMO Conan Exiles, Funcom gave us a sneak peek at upcoming update 27. Get ready for avatar defence, bombs, elevators and structure improvements.

Elevators, Drawbridges & Crenellated Walls

Funcom’s recent Livesteam showcased some awesome new structures that are both pretty and practical. First we have the elevators, designed to go vertically and horizontally. With these primitive pulley systems you’ll be able to scale tall rock walls with ease and traverse even the most dangerous crevices.

Next there is the drawbridge, perfect for bridging short gorges, rivers and adding extra defence to your keep. If you’re being attacked, pull the lever inside your walls to watch a beautifully animated drawbridge rise and fold into a sturdy barricade. But be warned, anyone can pull that lever, so keep an eye out for sneaky players trying to let in the horde.

Finally we have the crenellated walls. These spiked wall mounts are perfect protection for your stronghold and will work in tandem with the soon to be added siege cauldron. Right now the recipes for these structures are unknown, although we shall keep you posted.

Explosive Orbs

We were excited to learn that update 27 for Conan Exiles will be adding a brand new weapon for players to enjoy; the orbs. These grenade-like spheres can be crafted for 4 different effects; fire, oil, water and gas. You will be able to choose whether you wish for the orb to explode on impact of bounce, helping to direct them into tricky spots. The fire orb rewards a typical heated explosion that will set fire to players and structures, and the oil orb greases it’s landing point for slippery combat or a longer lasting burn from the fire orb. The water orb will be your best friend for putting out fires and the gas orb can cause quite the poisonous explosion when ignited.

The crafting recipes for the orbs are still unknown, but we assume that some of the required materials may be fairly challenging to procure.

Save Us from the Gods

Since it’s initial release, the Conan Exiles community has begged and pleaded for protection against the unstoppable wrath of the God avatars. Well update 27 will be granting just that! Several features, both passive and active, are in the works to give players a fighting chance against the titan’s terror.

As a passive protection, players will be able to create defensive domes through the use of a tier 3 priest and a worshipping alter. Small domes will protect the inner area from incoming projectiles such as arrows and trebuchet rocks, and large domes will do damage over time to any attacking avatar within it’s parameters. Make sure to have your priorities straight since there are a limited number of domes that you may craft.

If players are looking for a more hands on approach to defending their livelihood against the gods, well update 27 has you covered as well. From this patch onward, it will be possible to damage the avatars. Any damage taken by a titan will deduct seconds away from their spawned time limit. Arrows will take away 1 second, whereas a successful trebuchet hit will deduct 20 seconds. Remember that hitting a moving target with the trebuchet in Conan Exiles is no easy feat.

Hit the behemoth with a trebuchet and you’ll knock 20 seconds off it’s 2 minute timer!

Funcom developers would love any feedback on the update after release. All necessary adjustments to update 27 will be made as quickly as possible.

You can watch the full Livestream here:



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