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It’s time to put down your sword and pick up a paintbrush. Update 26 for Conan Exiles is here, bringing almost 50 new decorative placeables, two traps and some helpful changes for modders. Are you ready to create your dream home?

Decorate to Your Heart’s Content

Did you feel like your base was a little bare? That things could do with a bit of an update? Well Funcom has heard your pleas and placed a collection of brand new decorative items into the game. You are now able to craft everything from detailed stone tables to stylish double beds, perfect for impressing both your friends and enemies.

There are four extra pillows to place atop bed spreads and chairs, a fancy new carpet to cover your cold floor with and a bunch of pretty pottery, placeables and trophies! Why not intimidate your guests with the mounted head of a crocodile, just for shits and giggles. Make sure to explore the recipes to find more pleasing decorations.

A makeshift marvellous mansion to live in.

Two Terrific Traps

With update 26 comes two new traps to hide around your camp for unwanted visitors to find. Now when you unlock the explosives feat, you’ll have the opportunity to craft an exploding trap and a vapor trap.

Exploding traps will do a large and fast amount of damage, but be warned; they may kill your opponent at the cost of destroying nearby constructions of your own. Vapor traps, on the other hand, spew out a great cloud of poisonous gas that does more damage the longer someone stays within it. Your best bet is to place vapor traps in small and confined spaces that cannot be evacuated quickly.

Both traps can be placed anywhere and are triggered by pressure. However, the individual on top of the trap must then step off again for it to activate; allowing a small window of time to deactivate it, if they’re quick enough. Placing traps close together can create a deadly chain reaction capable of taking out an entire group. Make sure that you’re not also inside the blast radius!

Scenic terrace.
There could be hidden traps anywhere…

Modder’s Delight

To make matters easier for all you modders out there, update 26 has added a tiny yet terrific improvement. Modding the in-game item table has always been a challenge. Modders wanting to introduce new items into the game have either had to tweak existing items or add completely new ones to the table, making some mods incompatible with one another. It also meant that these mods were in constant need of update whenever the vanilla game updated their own item table.

Well now things are a lot easier. With this improved system, modders can now make their very own item table, replacing the vanilla one and removing any need to update it regularly. This should also stop many of the incompatibility issues mods have been having with one another. If you’re interested in creating your own mods, take a look at this.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any improvements and changes Funcom developers decide to make to Conan Exiles.



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