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Conan Exiles received the new update 2.2 a few minutes ago on December 3rd, 2020. The Patch contains mostly fixes. But more important are the changes of the weapon and armor stats!

New patch for exile: The new Conan Exiles Update 2.2 mainly contains fixes and changes to weapon and armor values. But these are anything but dismissed. Sometimes drastic changes are made. We’re no longer teasing you, here are the patch notes for Update 2.2 from Conan Exiles.

This is in the Conan Exiles Update 2.2

The Changelog

  • Fixed a number of crashes
  • Players can now trigger a dodge to interrupt healing wraps, but only 2.5 seconds into the animation. We are exploring this solution to give players some agency while not devaluing the commitment aspect of using bandages and their relationship to potions. We will continue to test and iterate on this
  • Fixed the maximum durability value of the following items:
    • Ancient Lemurian Shield (7500)
    • Ancient Lemurian Sword (1350)
    • Ancient Lemurian Trident (2100)
  • Reverted the previous changes to Karmic items as the change to these items was too drastic for the scope of this update, and we will address it properly in a future major update
  • Rebalanced the previous change to Yog’s Touch. This change is intended to bring Yog’s Touch back to a point where it offers a unique gameplay style for a 1 handed axe user without being completely overpowered compared to other 1 handed axes in its class:
    • Health Damage changed to 51
    • Armor Penetration changed to 28%
  • Buildings with updated pieces will no longer disappear after rejoining a session
  • It’s no longer possible to stack foundation when attempting to replace them
  • Fixed pathfinding issues non-playable characters were having in certain dungeons, vaults, and underground locations
  • Fixed an issue where certain larger creatures could get stuck in a persistent leashing state when trying to return to their spawn point
  • Followers should no longer enter a broken state if they are ordered to attack while their behavior is set to “Attack Nothing”
  • “Isle of Siptah” and “Exiled Lands” are now localized in the Map Name drop-down selection in the Server Browser
  • Pristine Khari weapons now grant a second bonus to attributes and have been restored to their original power-level:
    • Pristine Khari Bow
      • Health Damage remains at 20
      • Armor Penetration changed from 7% to 9%
    • Pristine Khari Sword
      • Health Damage changed from 45 to 49
      • Armor Penetration changed from 7% to 9%
    • Pristine Khari Daggers
      • Health Damage changed from 39 to 43
      • Armor Penetration changed from 15% to 18%
  • Fixed an issue that caused Thrall weapons and shields to take durability damage. This was due to an incorrectly flagged stat while making changes related to the shield revamp
  • Acheronian weapons have been restored to their original power-level:
    • Acheronian War-Axe
      • Health Damage changed from 33 to 45
    • Acheronian Spear
      • Health Damage changed from 31 to 43
    • Acheronian Longsword
      • Health Damage changed from 31 to 43
    • Acheronian Two-Handed Sword
      • Health Damage changed from 38 to 53
    • Acheronian Shield
      • Health Damage changed from 27 to 37
  • The Shield Rebound stun state should now trigger in PvE combat
  • Fixed a visual glitch on the large trees within the Jungle Biome
  • Crafter Thralls should no longer disappear from their Workstations upon session rejoin
  • Endowment, Chest, and Breast sliders are now accessible in the character re-customization through the Orb of Nergal
  • Changing the character’s race through re-customization no longer causes players to speak in animal tongues
  • “Antidote of One” perk should now be applied to the correct buffs
  • Fixed an issue that caused shields to not work properly in PvP
  • Fixed an issue that allowed healing items to be used without playing their animation
  • Modified Isle of Siptah music so it can be properly Modded

Known Issues with Cona Exiles Update 2.2

  • Shields created before the 2.2 patch are not working properly, which is being investigated
  • The Nemedian helmet and Godbreaker boots have incorrect stats, this will be fixed in the next TestLive update
  • Daggers of Dagon was unintentionally changed from a legendary item resulting in lower stats. This will be fixed in the next update
  • Stamina regeneration rate for light, medium, and heavy armor is still in progress, we expect to have a more final version for the next update


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