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With the latest update to Conan Exiles came the trebuchet: a destructive war machine with which you can tear down the strongholds of your enemies. To build and operate one is not easy – we’ll show you how.

It All Starts with the Engineer

In order to build one, you must acquire the ability to do so first. At level 15 you can unlock the “Engineer” recipe for only four points and thus gain access to the individual components of the war machine and the ammunition. Also, you will first need to unlock the “Journeyman Craftsman” recipe and have a Carpenter’s Bench.

Conan Exiles - Trebuchet Feats
As an Engineer, you can build your very own mechanical marvel.

A Solid Foundation

To do anything properly, you need the right foundation. This mechanical structure cannot move and needs a solid surface, so plan carefully where you want to build it. First, you can build the Foundation and the Base at the Carpenter’s Bench in the safety of your home. You will need 25 brick and 30 shaped wood for the Foundation, and 200 wood and 13 iron reinforcements for the Trebuchet Base.

After you have completed the Foundation and the Base, you must then carry them to your selected location. First, place the Siege Foundation then add the Trebuchet Base. All subsequent crafting will be completed right at the Base.

Build the Frame and Arm

After the Base is completed, you must next build and place the frame. For this you add 200 wood and 13 iron reinforcements to the Base and craft the Frame. Next, you craft and add the Trebuchet arm with an additional 200 wood, 13 iron reinforcements and 25 twine.

Your war machine is now ready to use, but you still need ammunition.

Ready! Aim! Fire!

You will craft the ammunition directly in the interface of the trebuchet. Using 25 stones and 10 rope, you may craft siege boulders. At level 38, you can craft the explosive Demon-Fire Barrage ammunition after acquiring the Explosive Jar recipe.

Conan Exiles - Trebuchet Inventory
Craft your ammunition here.

Now that everything is crafted, you have to load and aim your war machine. The ammunition is loaded in the trebuchet inventory. To set your range of fire, you must place rocks or other heavy objects in the counterweight section: heavier to go further, lighter to shorten the distance. To aim the device, you simply walk against the handles in the direction you want it to turn. All that’s left from here is to click on the firing lever to launch your chosen projectiles.

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