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In their latest blog post, Funcom has given us a detailed look into the future content for their survival MMO, Conan Exiles. There is talk of trebuchets, a dyeing system and the ability to ride animals, all of which are highly anticipated by the players.

Success and the Three Step System

Conan Exiles has achieved outstanding success and sold over 480,000 copies in just 30 days. It also held the #1 spot on Steam’s Global Top Seller list for over two weeks. The developers have nothing but overwhelming gratitude towards their fans and players for their regular feedback.

Funcom is putting a good sum of money into Conan Exiles. The team’s coders also remain hard at work to squash bugs and disable exploits. The artists and designers are working to create new content such as dungeons, interesting gameplay mechanics, magic, in game items and new biomes. The team is using a three step system to work on Conan Exiles. The first step focuses on patches, bug fixes and the performance/stability of the server. This step will include small features and additions to appease the community’s requests and fix any in-game issues.

The second step will present us with bigger add-ons for the game, but with longer waiting periods. The developers want to put out “4-6 big game updates during Early Access”. 2-3 of these updates will take place before Summer 2017, with an additional one being released before Christmas 2017. A following update could possibly come out during the first quarter of 2018.

The third and final step is focused on the console releases and larger content such as Biomes. The Biomes are environmental additions to the game’s map. These updates will include new terrain, monsters, more equipment and new god avatars among many other things.

What’s In Store? Trebuchets and a New Dyeing System

The trebuchet was first announced in one of Funcom’s previous blog posts. However, they didn’t care to mention that they would be adding in build-able siege towers, avatar defences and corpse lockers to collect the bodies of your deceased enemies.

Finally a place for your body souvenirs.
Just trebucheting around.

The trebuchet is a very effective weapon for tearing down your enemies’ bases and completing successful raids. However, it does come with an expensive price tag and moving it can be a challenge. You also need to have a good quantity of stone to compensate the weight of the objects you’re launching. The more stone you put onto the trebuchet, the farther your projectile will travel. Remember that the machine has to be aimed accurately to land your shot.

Eventually, a dye system will be added for armor and clothing customization. You will be able to gather color pigments from various resources in the surrounding areas and craft them into dyes. Each piece of clothing or armor can display several colors and allows a personal touch to whatever you wear. The colored dyes will help clans decipher who is friend or foe during battles.

Riding for Transportation and Protection

The ability to tame and ride horses and camels will be a dream come true for Conan Exiles players. Taming animals will work in a similar way to enslaving NPCs. Players will have to drag their mount back to their base and place them in a special pen suited for taming. While there, the process of breaking the animal will occur. Horses and Camels can transport both you and large cargo loads, while larger animals like rhinos or elephants can be used for defense. The inclusion of mounted combat is also in the works.

Giddy up!
A travel companion and transportation system in one.

Coming This Year

The developers hope that Conan Exiles’ Early Access period will last for a year before launching fully in 2018. In this time frame, there will be many major updates taking place. As stated above, some of these include a purge system, animal taming, new equipment for riding, sorcery, a settlement system and all new biomes.


SOURCEConan Exiles Official
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