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The developers at Funcom have recently released their new Conan Exiles Mod-DevKit. Mod creators in their droves have already begun to fill up the Steam workshop with their monstrosities and marvels. Don’t worry, we’re only going to focus on the mods that’ll improve and expand the Exiled Lands of Hyboria.

How to Activate Your Mods

Any mods created for Conan Exiles can be found in the Steam workshop. Simply subscribe to your chosen modder and their mod, and Steam will begin the download. Start up Conan Exiles once the mod has been downloaded and click on the menu option labelled “Mods.” This will bring up a list of your downloaded mods. Just select the one that you wish to activate and enjoy.

The game may crash the first time you load into a world after activating a mod. Don’t fret, try again and all should be working properly. Remember that some mods may not be compatible with others.

Here are the current top 5 mods for Conan Exiles:

#5 – EvenBetterBark

At number five is EvenBetterBark. No longer will you be the cause of deforestation! This mod increases the amount of bark you will get when cutting down a tree with an iron or steel pickaxe. No more time consuming tree farming.

More trees please.

#4 – 75 Levels Mod

This mod ups the level cap from 50 to 75. This Conan Exiles add-on will also provide you with 325 additional attribute points and 333 additional knowledge points. The mod will allow you to learn all skills available in the game.

#3 – Increased Item Stack

Coming in at number three is Increased Item Stack. Does it ever get on your nerves how quickly you run out of inventory space while hunting and gathering in a survival game? What’s worse is when you reach the item stack limit. This mod will be your saviour. Increased Item Stack upgrades your stack cap from 100 to 1000! Be warned though, your weight limit is not increased.

#2 – Shaved and Oiled (females)

If the uncensored nudity in Conan Exiles wasn’t enough for you, why not download the Shaved and Oiled (females) mod. It seems we were right in expecting nudity enhancement mods to be a popular choice for creators. This marvellous mod does exactly what it says, shave and saucily sheen up those female characters.

She’s got a great pair of personalities…

#1 – MapCoords

And at number one right now is MapCoords. This small but very useful little mod adds coordinates to the in-game map. This add-on also gives both old and new players fun points of interest to visit.

Conan Exiles Mapcoords
MapCoords will let you explain to a friend your position with ease!

This is only the beginning of modding for Conan Exiles. We are extremely excited to see what people come up with. Bring those game-changing mods our way!

SOURCEConan Exiles - Steam Workshop
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