Finding Thralls.
Fight them or die trying i guess.

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Conan Exiles has been out in early access on Steam since January 31st. By now we expect that all of you have moved beyond the basics of scavenging for food and resources, and are ready to begin building a civilisation of your own. It’s time to gather up some Thralls! 

Thralls are a mixture between slaves and followers of your ideals and beliefs. The Thrall system implemented into Conan Exiles allows you to capture NPCs, break their will and set them to work completing numerous tasks such as crafting, defending or smithing. They’ll work hard and fight well for you without question, although do remember that their loyalty comes from fear rather than respect.

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House with thralls.
Home sweet home.

Finding Your Thrall

Obtaining your own personal slaves isn’t an easy task. Aside from capturing and breaking them in, you will also need to have reached level 10 through collecting resources, crafting and defeating dangerous enemies. Once there, you’ll be able to spend three points in your skill tree to learn the “Thrall Taker” knowledge, unlocking the crafting options for fiber bindings, truncheons and the first iteration of the Wheel of Pain. All three are essential.

Now it’s time to go hunting. You are able to enslave any NPC without a name tag. With your inventory of new items, go and explore the surrounding wastelands till you come across a small camp or clan of NPCs. If you think you can take them on, choose the target with the profession you’re looking for and smack them unconscious with your truncheon. When nothing else is threatening you, tie your victim up with the fiber bindings and drag them home for some “re-educating.”

The Wheel of Pain will  break your captive’s spirit, wearing them down till they follow your every command. The Wheel will allow you to place the NPC in you wish to mould, as well as gruel for sustenance. Once your Thrall has learned to bend the knee, you may add him/her to your inventory like any other crafted item. From here you’ll be able to place them down and choose how best they should serve you.

Dragging body.
Come on, time for walkies.

Thrall Types

Every aspiring ruler needs an army, so why not an army of slaves? Some Thralls can become your own personal archers and fighters, giving your settlement both ranged and melee strength.

Thralls that are proficient as blacksmiths will craft various items for you and can eventually unlock impressive and powerful weapons and armour.

But if you’re looking to get some more personal enjoyment out of your Thralls, don’t worry Conan Exiles has you covered, (insert winky face.) Some captured Thralls are born entertainers, and will put on a show for your pleasure. Do not think this is without reason though. These dances have the ability to restore ones health and melt away any corruption you have suffered while fighting the monstrous creatures found in darkest of holes. So don’t worry everyone, your dancing men and women are justified.

If there are any hardcore players out there with the intent to summon end-game deities of utter destruction, then enslaving priests is your best bet. Once worshippers of your chosen religion, they can be used as vessels for summoning the gods.

So you can find archers, fighters, entertainers, smiths and priests. Not a bad bunch, and we assume there will be many more to come.

Break them down to build them back up.

NPC Clans & Their Locations

Funcom, the developers of Conan Exiles, put a lot of effort into fleshing out the marvellous yet barbaric landscape that their survival game provides. The wastelands of Hyboria are home to a multitude of clans and cultures that worship unique gods and have their own set goals.

So far there are five significant and vastly different tribes. With such a variety, how are you to know which clans are dangerous and which are perfect for raiding and enslaving. Well, we’re here to tell you.

The Exiled

Men and women banished from their homes and cities; these poor souls can be found in small camps near the great southern river. They are unlikely to have weapons and would be an easy target for enslavement. However because of their weakness, their abilities as Thralls would be limited.

The Darfari Cannibals

North of the river you’ll find a dry and rocky landscape home to the Darfari Cannibals. Worshippers of the eldritch horror Yog, these man eaters are relatively well equipped with an array of primitive weaponry.

Darfari Cannibals.
I wouldn’t get too close, they’re looking a little peckish.

Dogs of the Desert

Further north beneath towering mountains you will find the Dogs of the Desert. With a secret they’ll protect with their lives, these ferocious bandits can be a challenge.

The Black Hand

A group of exiled pirates, these scurvy scumbags wield an array of deadly weapons. Their base of operations is a enormous rock formation which they have sculpted and decorated to resemble a huge landlocked pirate ship.

Walking the plank might be painful.

The Relic Hunters

Finally, the strongest and most feared faction in the Exiled Lands are the Relic Hunters. To the north-west lies their home, a sprawling city, built and protected by well trained guards. These treasure seekers excavate around the cursed ruins, looking for ancient secrets and artifacts. We recommend giving this faction a wide berth till you feel truly unstoppable.

Relic Hunters
They are not to be trifled with.

Conan Exiles is still in the early stages of development. What we have been given so far is a beautiful yet volatile world full of so much character and mystery. We cannot wait for more.

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  1. thank you very much for the info, it’s exactly what i was looking for. but i found some armored thralls a long while back, and i can’t figure out where i found them. Heavy armor graphic, purple and silver looks like. can’t find them again :( any thoughts?


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