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Released today in early-access on Steam, the savage survival MMO Conan Exiles is ready for players. Be warned though kids, this title is age restricted not only for its gore and brutality, but also for one other daring design decision.

Nude Options for Players

Funcom, developers of Conan Exiles, have taken a rather bare page out of Rust’s book and pushed it a step further. Nudity! Yes that’s right, Conan Exiles will be another large survival title, following Rust, to incorporate male and female genitalia into the game. Character creation will go a little deeper than most, allowing you to edit the size and length of your player’s bits. Don’t worry, in-game physics will have you dangling in the breeze in no time.

You will be given the option of dressed, half naked or naked when creating your character and beginning your adventure. Dressed will leave you ‘fully’ clothed in rags and cloth, half naked will expose only your top half and naked will allow you to walk around as free as you can be. Get ready to strut your stuff.

However, if you’re the owner of a server, you can make the choice yourself. If you want a more respectable world, then choose to clothe all players thus preventing nudity. But if you’re looking to have a laugh, then leave if off and allow players to lope around like butt-naked buffoons.

Conan Exiles Nude Option
Use your server commands to clothe those pesky savages.

Now that Funcom has done the daring deed, what do you think? Was this feature necessary, and will censorship become a problem for the title?

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