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Much of the land in Conan Exiles is dominated by an evil that brings with it chaos and darkness. For the player this evil causes corruption, a horrible force that drains your health and stamina. But what if corruption had its benefits? What if developers, Funcom, had a plan for corruption and the power it imbues.

Sorcery System

According to the Conan Exiles Devblog, one of their future updates will be introducing magic into the game. Their new sorcery system will tap into the corruption debuff that affects your character and will allow you to cast spells. You will be given access to necromancy, conjuring charms and the ability to perform summoning rituals to call upon hellish creatures to do your bidding.

Power Comes at a Price

Yes everything has a downside. The deeper you dig into darkness, the more corrupted you become and in turn, the more powerful your magic. However the debuff of corruption still stands; as your magical prowess grows, your health and stamina will diminish. The payment for such a power is your very own life-force.


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