You asked, they answered! The Conan community has been outraged over the duplication glitch interfering with the game’s servers. After careful consideration, Funcom finally has a resolution for Conan Exiles players – a server wipe.

Before You Abandon All Hope…

Funcom have decided to wipe the servers clean. This is the only way to offer players a fresh start and restore balance to the servers. However, players don’t have to rage over losing their game data because there is a silver lining. The server wipe is planned to be included in the upcoming patch at the end of the week. All worlds will be made empty and your bases will be erased. Unfortunately, players’ inventories will be deleted as well. However, the developers confirm your character level will remain intact.

The wipe is going to bring some backlash because players will be forced to rebuild everything and start their games from scratch. This is a huge setback, but you no longer have to worry about players duplicating high quantities of valuable items in the game. There was no perfect solution to end the bug and we have no right to expect such a thing from the developers. Funcom has dedicated a lot of time to find a way to please their fans. It’s not fair to give them flack about it, so let’s just cut them some slack and remain supportive.

Conan Exiles’ game director, Joel Bylos has announced that there will be new content and features for players in the patch. Among the things in the update are new weapons and slave animations.

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