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Banished and exiled from home and happiness. Sentenced to walk the baron wastelands where the weak crumble and the strong survive. Here only three rules apply: Survive, Build and Dominate, to become a god amongst men.


Conan Exiles, developed by FunCom, is an open world survival game set in the unforgiving lands of Conan the Barbarian. Survival is more than being well-fed and hydrated; players will have to persevere through scorching weather and blinding sandstorms. Around every corner lie terrifying monsters or bloodthirsty cannibals that crave for the taste of human flesh, while desperate online players won’t hesitate to attack.

Starting with nothing but bare hands, players must forge their own legacy. Craft simple tools and weapons, grow crops or hunt wildlife and build shelter to store and protect resources. Explore alone or band together online with others to build settlements and fortresses made to withstand any attack.

Hunting for survival.

Journey across vast deserts that hold both danger and opportunity. Explore mysterious sand dunes and the buried ruins of ancient civilisations to find great treasures and knowledge. However, players must beware, for these forgotten relics can snap ones sanity and plunge the mind into the darkness that lurks beneath.

Players can enslave criminals and bandits from other lands to do join clans and defend their territory. Break their will with torture devices and mould them into archers, entertainers, crafters and much more. Once strong enough, a player can march forth into battle and wage war against their enemies, fighting to dominate the exiled lands. Use explosives and watch their towers crumble while armies of slaves slaughter one another with an unquenchable blood-lust.

Summoning Gods
Battle of the Colossus.

Summon the Gods

Once victorious, a player can drag the bloodied bodies of their enemies back to camp, place them upon an alter, and present their heart as a sacrifice to earn blessings from a god of their choosing. These bestowed powers grant the ability to summon in colossal avatars ready to lay waste to neighbouring camps and settlements.

Conan Exiles is coming to Steam early access on the 31st January 2017, and will be given an Xbox One preview in Spring 2017. This brutal and unforgiving game seems like a new challenge that all survival game fans should be ready to sink their teeth into.


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