The next big update for Conan Exiles is out for PC and for the Xbox Preview Program. Update #33 brings a brutally revamped combat, a farming system, ability to fast travel across the map and a chance to experience the purge. In addition, they also made a number of changes and adjustments for an improved player experience.

Combat Overhaul

The update revamped the combat system, considerably improving the primitive system the game had till now. Every weapon type will have their own signature features and attack patterns, including the option to hurl javelins at your enemies. You will be able to use heavy attacks to deal more damage at the cost of spending more stamina.

Conan Exiles Release Swamp
I hate spiders!!

If they can afford the stamina cost, players can start chaining combos using a combination of heavy and light attacks. Sprinting with your weapons equipped will have different animations based on the weapon type. Kicks have also been implemented and work when you’re equipped with a two-handed weapon or one-handed weapon with no shield. They can interrupt an enemy attack which can create openings for the players to exploit.

Time to settle and start farming

Gardening time!!

By setting up a compost heap, the players can start crafting fertilizers. You can use the fertilizers and seeds you have collected from plants to start farming your lands. They will grow over time letting you harvest them when they’re ripe. In addition to farming, a collection of ornamental plants have also been added to the game, which you can use to decorate your base.

One-way Fast Travel

Conan Exiles Release 2
Maproom can be placed in any of the safe spots inside your base.

Having your bracelets attuned to the monoliths across the world of Conan Exiles will let you teleport there if you have a Maproom in your base. Keep in mind that this is a one-way ticket, you will have to get back to your base the hard way. Staying too long near the monoliths can also have some nasty side effects, including rashes, irresistible itching and death by corruption.

The Purge!!

Update #33 adds a purge meter to every player’s inventory page that slowly starts filling up as you play the game. The rate is based on how much your clan builds, kills enemy players/NPCs or simply remains active on the server. Once the meter fills up and crosses the threshold, you have a chance to spawn the purge near your base. This will depend on how many clans on your server has crossed this threshold. Only one clan is targeted at a time and if you’re lucky, it’ll be yours.

The developers are still testing the purge system, so this patch only brings the first iteration of the mechanic. Players can expect a lot of improvement to this feature in the future.


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