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Conan Exiles, Funcom’s open-world survival game launching on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 4 on May 8th, challenges gamers to survive, build, and dominate in his world. But what happened when it gets turned around and Conan is thrown into a world of Scandinavian furniture, robot vacuum cleaners, and airplanes?

Conan is going viral

Funcom throws Conan the barbarian into the real world and lets him fight against Scandinavian furniture, robot vacuum cleaners, and airplanes. When asked for a comment about his recent experiences, Conan had a few words to spare.

“I have found a book ten times more diabolical than the Necronomicon or the moldering scrolls of Skelos. It’s called Assembly Instructions.”

Here are the three clips:

When Conan Exiles launches on May 8th, it will have spent 14 months in Early Access on PC and nine months in Game Preview on Xbox One. During that time the game has made huge improvements, the game world has more than doubled in size, and several new key features have been added. May 8th will see a huge launch patch further expanding the game world. This will also be the first time Conan Exiles appear on PlayStation 4.

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