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Funcom’s barbarian survival game, Conan Exiles, has gained a significant following since its early access release on Steam a week ago. So popular in fact that even YouTube superstar Pewdiepie has given it a go.

Pewdiepie’s gameplay video was released yesterday, showing his first few hours exploring the Exiled Lands of Hyboria. Aside from the occasional snide comment towards the survival genre as a whole, Pewdiepie seemed to be thoroughly enjoying his short play-through. He managed to build himself a hut, craft some basic tools and reduced the hyena population to nought.

The Number One Gaming Youtuber

Although never his intention, Pewdiepie’s gameplays will always help rake in the players. His enormous reach across both the YouTube and gaming community really helps to promote anything he plays. Conan Exiles was no exception.

The Youtubers boost was so significant that Funcom ended up tweeting out to Pewdiepie asking whether he was interested in a future collaboration. Although little more is known.

With the rather buggy wildlife and the constant fear of crashing, it seems that like any new survival title, Conan Exiles has its flaws. However, this savage simulator is indeed still in very early access and even so, managed to peak the interest of the number one gaming Youtuber;(even if he did spend the majority of his time looking at his character’s breasts.)

Conan Exiles may be on its way to success and stardom.


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