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Funcom has a new update ready for Conan Exiles players! Included in the Patchnotes for the hit Survival MMO are details regarding the server wipe, additional weapons, new armour, the dye system, the disintegration system and brand new slave animations.

Exploit Hunters Program and the Server Wipe

Exploit hunters sounds like it’d be the name of an ordinary group of law abiding citizens who alert the police of any evil doings they come into knowledge of. In a way that is similar to the meaning, although it’s actually the name of a new program Funcom will be implementing into Conan Exiles soon. The purpose of the program is to give rewards to players who alert the developers about any serious bugs in the game. So remember to keep your eyes peeled for anything out of the ordinary! Funcom will release more info about this program in the coming weeks.

Funcom has indeed wiped the servers. Server admins can also wipe their private servers by running the ServerCleanup.bat file located in the gamedb folder. Fortunately, this will not affect your character levels as promised.

Performance and Tech Fixes

  • The game pack is now grouped into .pak archives. During the first time you load the main menu, the load speed is increased by 3x its normal rate.
  • Your game data will be backed up before loading any updates into your game.

Additional Server Settings

  • An increase in speed conversion of slaves (thrall crafting time multiplier).
  • Access granted to all containers without regard who the owner is (containers ignore all ownership).
  • Health points for NPCs and slaves (NPC damage taken multiplier).
  • Increase in the rate in which machines consume fuel (fuel burn time multiplier).
  • Customise player’s health points. (PlayerDamageTakenMutiplier)

Text and Localization

  • Your selected language will now save correctly.
  • The game’s texts can now be translated.

General Bug Fixes and Improvements

Slaves work at a quicker rate and come with new animations in this patch.
  • EXPLOIT FIX: You can no longer build inside cliffs or mountains.
  • EXPLOIT FIX: Buildings will never spawn outside of the cursed wall.
  • EXPLOIT FIX: You can no longer duplicate equipped armour pieces off of knocked out players.
  • EXPLOIT FIX: You can no longer fall through the game map to gain access to other areas.
  • EXPLOIT FIX: Slaves who are in the act of dying cannot be picked up and used.
  • Hitpoints of all buildings and placeables are once again displayed correctly.
  • The Server Message of the Day will now be displayed on the server when a player logs in.
  • The control tab will no longer reset to default settings when clicking on other tabs.
  • Unconverted slaves are not allowed in the hotbar.
  • Improved performance of the “exit to main menu” button
  • Crafting stations with working slaves now correctly grant crafting speed bonuses to the second item within’ the crafting queue.
  • Replaced the arrow on placeables such as chairs and chests with a new visual arrow.
  • The keyboard layout now displays a “clear” button.
  • Players no longer display body armour after being looted while offline.
  • When you have a restrained slave, other NPCs no longer share a name with that slave.
  • Large NPCs now move the player away when rotating.
  • Clan members no longer will have their armour damaged, as long as the FriendlyFireDamageMultiplier is set to 0.0.
  • Players no longer become stuck if they are sitting in a throne before/during the rebooting of a server.
  • Players no longer see the Crippling Poison counter when nearby slaves are attacked by spiders.
  • The correct amount of stamina will be deducted when performing certain actions.
  • Trophy heads can now be mounted on walls.
  • Bracketed Torch now has a flame when equipped.
  • Added 8 new weapons and re-balanced all weapons so the amount of damage you can do increases each level.
Slay skeleton armies among the other creatures inhabiting Conan Exiles’ world. All in improved HD!

Balance and Gameplay Fixes

  • The equip animation no longer overrides a knockdown.
  • You can now create fur armour for Hyenas at the armour bench, as long as you have bones and slaves are at the armour bench.
  • The last clan member to leave a clan holds ownership of all the clan’s buildings.
  • If you harvest cactus with your bare hands, you will get plant fiber and cochineal.
  • Clan officers can’t kill their own clan’s officers. You can only kick players who are below your rank.
  • Feat prerequisites and dependencies of skills. Bonus knowledge points will be added every ten levels. The changes bring players free feat respec.

Graphics Improvements

  • Name tags of clan members will now be displayed in green text.
  • Polished the game’s GUI.
  • Improvement of slave animations when working at crafting stations.
  • Name tags are displayed for a longer time period and are more legible.

Known Issues

  • Sometimes NPCs don’t re-spawn if players build too closely to them. This will be fixed in the next patch.
  • The stamina usage exploit is a known issue and will be fixed in the next patch.
  • The .pak archives causes a 15-20 minute wait when the client is downloaded before you can launch the game during the unpacking of files.
  • On occasion, the removal of abandoned buildings won’t allow for rebuilding on the same spot. If you leave the server then rejoin it, you should be allowed to build on it now.
  • If you dye your equipped armour piece in a local server, you will have to re-equip the armour to see the new colour.

Check out Survivethis during the upcoming week for more info on the new patch!



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