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A week ago Funcom, the developers of Conan Exiles, decided to end their partnership with the title’s server host. With the official servers offline, players have only been able to enjoy single-player or unofficial hosted lobbies. However as of yesterday, Funcom announced the return on their official servers.

The New Servers

In a Facebook post, Funcom stated that with the release of their next patch, they will begin the process of bringing official Conan Exiles servers back online. The new host,, promises better online performance and more stability for servers. To begin with there will only be 81 US servers and 30 European ones with a low player cap of 40. This will allow Funcom to monitor online stability and performance. Server size and frequency will increase over time.

Player Progress

Funcom intends to upload old player data onto the new servers. Unfortunately, they have encountered some instances of corrupted data, so players must be aware that loss of progress is highly likely.

More Servers for More Players

As of now, Funcom is limited to only a handful of official servers. Currently there is still missing hardware for servers on the west coast of the US, South America, Eastern Europe and Oceania. These will begin to go up over the next few weeks.

Group attack.
Fight or flee with friends.

Developers would like to remind players that the settings on the official servers are not “ideal” or how they intended the game to be played. Player-run lobbies allow admins to customise their world and the play-style they wish for their players. Funcom encourages all of you to explore the countless unofficial servers available till you find one that best suits you.

SOURCEConan Exiles via Facebook
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