Conan Exiles offers players a multitude of unique game features that separate it from other survival MMOs. These features include enslavement and a worshipping system for the all-powerful God avatars. However, its third big feature, called The Purge system, did not make it into the Early Access release. Funcom states that at some point during the estimated year long Early Access period, the Purge system will be introduced.

The Purge Shall Now Commence

Die hard horror fans will be delighted over the similarities this feature has to the film, “The Purge”. Just like in the film, a Purge will take place every so often across the Exiled Lands. However, other players will be the least of your worries as it will be the NPCs performing the great cleanse.

The purgers are coming! The purgers are coming!

Inspired by the crusaders of the Middle Ages, volatile NPCs will be sent into the deserts of Hyboria, from nearby settlements, looking to “raid, pillage, and destroy everything in their path.” The biggest targets of the purging are the poor and innocent, just like in the film.

Team up or Stand Down

The only way to put to an end to the bloodshed is to band together and fight back. But if you’re not into all that violence, an alternative for the non-confrontational players is to go off and hide. While hidden, you can pray to your gods and hope the Purge doesn’t find its way  to you. Players who participate in the Purge will be rewarded with unique treasures.

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