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Today is the day the survival game Conan Exiles will move out of Early Access and with the release a new patch emerged. As the world of Conan Exiles expended a great deal they added more information on the new regions.

A world to discover

Visible from high above the Frozen North a volcano rises high to the sky. With molten fury pouring down the black slopes only the brave warriors will want to explore it. Within you not only have the challenge the searing hot temperature but also deal with whatever ancient lurks in the shadows. However, if you are brave enough to discover the light emanating from the Well of Skelos you will be rewarded handsomely. In Addition, you only need to survive long enough to get out again…

Conan Exiles Launch
A mysterious cult worships an ancient power, will you be brave enough to keep exploring?

But that’s not the only new region you can explore. By following the big river east a huge swamp will appear full of new monsters. The area is divided between deep jungles, coastlines, and wet marshes. However, to be safe you can build castles high up in the massive trees.

Besides new monsters, there are also new places to explore. Firstly, there is the Pagoda of Boundless Lusts. Secondly, you can explore Jamilioa’s liberty which is a massive beached ship where the black hand pirates live. Thirdly, the jungle devoured the Forgotten City of Xel-ha, once an ancient Lemurian city. Lastly, the Palace of the Witch Queen awaits the brave players. Yet, the swamp isn’t the right place for newcomers as the region has been made for characters between level 20 and 40.

Conan Exiles Launch
prepare for wet feet

Worshipping the living and the Death

Today will also be the birth of a new religion for the players. As the goddess of fertility and death, Derketo is ready to be worshipped. So, join her followers who engage in sexualized and lethal rituals. Because she is both fertile and death her character is partly a beautiful woman and a rotting corpse. Which doesn’t exactly sounds like a pleasure.

If you still decide to worship her, a special knife will be available to craft called Derketo’s kiss. This knife extracts unfulfilled desires from fallen enemies. Afterwards, you can use these to turn deadly poison into honey, or combined with insects, made into potions to heal your wounds. As the religious devotion grows, followers will be able to learn how to transmute vines into bread and oil into blood. Which is just the beginning as later on they can make the powerful sword: Lusttaker which is touched by the goddess herself.

As the game is fully released the price increased by a total of 10 euro, making it a total of 40 euro to play Conan Exiles which is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox. However, if you already own the game make sure to disable your mods as they might cause some problems. If you want to read all the bug fixes and balance updates you can read them on their Steam page. 



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