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The Conan Exiles expansion Isle of Siptah has been in the Early-Access-version on Steam since September 15th. A PS4- and Xbox-version will appear in spring 2021. The expansion brings a completely new map with it that has a lot to offer.

This is how big the map is: Isle of Siptah is said to be about 75% the size of the Exiled Lands, the original map. There is no exact number, but resourceful players have found out that the Exiled Lands are about 44 km² – they used foundations to measure the map. So the Isle of Siptah ha the size of about 33 km².

Das bietet die Map: Die Isle of Siptah bietet dir 14 Vaults – die Dungeons der Insel, die es zu bestreiten gilt. Sie besitzen verschiedene Schwierigkeitsgrade und die ersten kannst du ab Level 20 betreten. Im Norden der Karte, genau in der Mitte am Lagerfeuer-Sybol, befindet sich ein NPC-Dorf voller Piraten. Mit ihnen kannst du handel betreiben und gegen Gold- oder Silber-Münzen Waren kaufen.

The map with the black tower and the shrines in the middle.

Right in the middle of the map, you will find the dark tower. In its vicinity, nasty skeletons and spiders wait for their prey, and at regular intervals, the Maehlstrom rages in the area of the tower, and nasty enemies will spawn. Should you build your fortress within the range of the storm, it will be attacked like in a raid.

Around the tower, you will find 6 shrines where you can summon a wild flood with the help of the new Eldarium resource. A portal to the Exiled Lands from which human NPCs come that you can enslave.

These are the start zones: There are 4 start zones on the Isle of Siptah, each of which is located on the beach. As a shipwrecked person, you land in the northeast, northwest, southeast, or southwest. On the beach itself, you will find more castaways who unfortunately did not make it. If you loot their corpses, you will get various objects with little effort. There are also plenty of stones and wood to make your first tools. Only a few dogs, birds, or crocodiles are hostile on the beach.

If they catch you, check out our guide on how to best heal yourself in Conan Exiles.

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