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With the absence of Funcom at this years Gamescom, our guys decided to track down the Community Management heads at Conan Exiles for a little chat. We sat down with Jens Erik Vaaler, Nicole Vayo and Andy Benditt. After the launch of its latest expansion, The Frozen North, we asked the big question: How’s it going?

So Many Secrets at Funcom

The representatives were unfortunately not able to answer many of the questions we asked because the Funcom team seems to play their cards close to their chest. They were also not up to date with everything going on and didn’t know what was being programmed or what’s behind the closed doors.

However, not all was in vain since some information was revealed to us. For example, at least two new gods will make their way into the game and others may possibly follow. There’s also the possibility that another expansion could be on the horizon, but it’s not confirmed and therefore just a rumour. The developers at this stage just want to concentrate on dealing with bugs, fixes and patching as many glitches as possible.

Survivethis interview with Funcom representatives.

The Content Comes, Well….. Promised!

Since the beginning of the Early Access stage, content such as: riding, the adjustment of a slaves daily routines and the arrival of the Purge have been confirmed by Funcom. The community managers assured us that they would still make their way into the game before its full release.

Riding is set to become a massive part of Conan Exiles and was originally to be included in The Frozen North update. Sadly the feature was removed at the last minute as it wasn’t deemed fully operational. With so much going on and in the works, it seems that Funcom are on the right track. We wish them all the best.


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