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The brilliant guys behind the popular iZurvive website, receive endless praise from gamers for their detailed DayZ map. The site has now taken into account the popularity of Conan Exiles and has decided to help out all you barbarian newbies. No more getting lost in the wastelands of Hyboria.

Conan Exiles Map

If you’re a new Conan Exiles player, you’ll know first-hand that tracking down specific resources or creatures in an open-world survival game can be tough. Conan Exiles is definitely no exception. Well don’t worry because iZurvive’s brand new Conan Exiles map is detailed and marked with all your needs. If you’ve been having trouble finding iron, hunting down a priest or even locating mysterious ruins and shrines, iZurvive has you covered.

Corruption or relic?
A relic, or am i going mad?

The map itself is interactive. You are able to zoom in on specific locations and mouse over various points of interest. Anything deemed important enough, i.e: (resources, creatures, caves, shrines, NPC camps,) has been marked for display. If you’re looking for the perfect spot to set up camp, or the best place to find low level NPCs, iZurvive will deliver.

The site also allows you to create an account. Logged-in users are then able to add their own tags on a copy of the map and share it with their clan. If you’re setting up for a big raid, why not mark strategic points of attack for you and your friends.

More Maps For More Games

In addition to DayZ and Conan Exiles, the site also offers maps for Arma3, H1Z1 and ARK: Survival Evolved. Any game changes will be marked and updated by iZurvive as quickly as possible. The site aims to provide the community with the most reliable interactive maps out there. With a growing fan-base, they now have the freedom to branch out and implement features asked for by the public.

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