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Update 2.1 of the survival MMO Conan Exiles was released on October 28th and brought 3 major innovations with it. The improvement of the crafting system, the specialization for your Thralls, and a re-customization for characters.

That’s going on: On October 28th the update 2.1 for Conan Exiles was released. Especially players who have already achieved a lot in the survival MMO, but also single players should be happy about it. Specifically about 3 major improvements.

How the crafting system has been improved: With the improvement of the crafting system, Funcom is more likely to appeal to players who do not feel like looking for specific T4 Thralls to put on their workbench. The new system no longer needs Thralls and simply adds further updates to the individual workbenches. There are also a number of new workbenches where special items can be produced.


The main aim of the update was to bring the workbenches more into the focus of the players, instead of the thralls. There are thousands of recipes in Conan Exiles that have been reduced with the update but are also said to be easier to make.


So what happens to the Thralls? The Thralls are no longer required for special recipes but still offer certain advantages. All Thralls now have a specialization that still makes them valuable slaves at the workbenches. A swordsmith, for example, ensures that there is more damage to the forged weapons. A edgesmith gives a bonus to armor penetration. Each specialization adds a bonus to the weapons and armor they make.


Funcom says that the high tier Thralls, in particular, have lost their advantage, but the newly crafted weapons and armor are said to be able to be better than anything else before.

You can now redesign your character: In Conan Exiles there is no direct hairdresser or even a cosmetic surgeon. But with the re-customization of the characters from Patch 2.1 you can build a “Vanity Mirror” and use it to redesign your character as you wish. This is especially good news for long-time players who are getting tired of seeing the same barbarian all the time.


Owners of the Isle of Siptah extension even get completely new hairstyles and faces here.

What do you think of the 2.1 update and have you already been able to test the new features? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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