Conan Exiles – Anyone for a Hearty Bowl of Gruel?

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Gruel – foul-smelling, watery and surprisingly high in fiber. This revolting bowl of porridge is not worth my time, let the slaves have it! Conan Exiles prides itself in difficulty, savagery and gore. It comes at no great surprise that this survival MMO allows you to prepare a meek bowl of slime soup. It’s easy enough to make, and can even be used as an alternative food source if you’re desperate.

How to Make Gruel

Gruel works as a nice cheap food source for your slaves as they transition into thralls on your wheel of pain. To produce a bowl of gruel, you will need to cook 5 pieces of fiber and 1 seed over a campfire. Just place the items in the campfire U.I. with a source of fuel and let it simmer till sludge. 80 bowls of gruel will keep the wheel of pain turning for 1 hour real-time. Make sure you cook up enough for your hungry thralls.

It may be horrific and disgusting, but it doesn’t spoil easily. Gruel lasts much longer than any other foods. It may be worth stockpiling some in your inventory for long journeys.

Wheel of Pain
Bare with the taste and ’tis not a waste.


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