Chopping a tree to get bark.

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Tree bark is an essential item for all new players in Conan Exiles. Maybe not as commonly used as wood and stone, but still pretty god damn important. Bark is a necessary item, used in the construction of a tannery, and is needed to craft reliable leather armour. However, farming this resource can actually be a bit of a pain, especially for survival game newbies, and isn’t as obvious as you may think.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree?

Bark is a harvestable resource from, you guessed it, trees! If you’re an unfortunate sod and end up spawning in surrounded by nothing but sand and rock, try following the cracked stone paths that appear randomly around the world. These “yellow brick roads” will often lead you to a copse of trees or an oasis with an abundance of resources ripe for the picking.

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You’ll find that using your fists or a hatchet on a tree will reward you with mostly wood and maybe a slither of bark if you’re lucky. However, if you want to maximise the drop percentage for bark, you should actually use a pickaxe. Although bark is a rare drop regardless, smacking the tree with a pick seems to deliver the best results. For any ARK players out there, using a pickaxe on a tree is nothing new.

Top Tip: From what we have gathered, cutting down larger trees will increase bark drop chances even more.

Happy hacking!

House building.
Construction in progress.

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