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In Conan Exiles, especially with the new Isle of Siptah expansion, survival is not easy. Danger lurking at every corner and your own life points quickly sink into the abyss. But how do you heal yourself in the survival MMO? We’ll tell you!

Especially at the beginning, the question arises of how to get your own life points up again. And here there are 2 methods:

The easiest way to heal life points is in Conan Exiles

This is how you heal yourself with food: Whether you eat insects or roast meat when your character is full, you continuously regenerate life points. Please note the following: Just because your hunger indicator is green or even full does not mean that your barbarian is full. The status “Full” must be under your status bar in the top left of the screen. However, the better the food, the more effective the regeneration.

Most effective healing of life points in Conan Exiles

These are the Wraps: A far more effective method, both at the beginning of your adventure and in the late game, are wraps. You can learn them from level 25 and easily make them in your inventory with 10x plant fibers and 5x aloe leaves.

The rough wraps can be made quickly.

The first rough wrap heals you for 40 life points and gives you a small regeneration buff. It also stops bleeding. The only disadvantage: You cannot move while bandaging and you are defenseless against your opponent in an emergency.

This is aloe extract and the aloe soup: You can heal yourself even more effectively with an aloe soup or an aloe extract, i.e. a potion. This also works in emergency situations and does not stop your movement.

For the extract, you need the firebowl cauldron, which you can unlock at level 15. Then you can use 10x aloe leaves to make a potion that gives you around 35 life points.

Aloe extract is more expensive than the wraps, but can be used in combat.

To make the aloe soup, you need a stove that can be unlocked at level 29. On the stove itself, you can cook a soup with 1x purified water (boil a glass bottle filled with water), 1x feral flesh and 1x salt.

In order to make an aloe soup with healing powers, you need 1x aloe leaf and a Thrall who has cooking on level 2. The aloe soup does not heal you directly but gives you a regeneration buff like normal food. The buff of the aloe soup is just much stronger. Ambrosia from the shrine of Mitra has a similar effect.

What else is there? Of course, there are also stronger wraps and potions that you unlock at a higher level. Your vitality value not only ensures more life points but also passive life regeneration as soon as you have invested 30 points. With 40 points you get twice the positive effect when you use healing objects and with 50 points in vitality, you heal yourself immediately when you eat something.

For your base, it is advisable to enslave dancers, who then ensure with their dances that you not only regenerate your life points but also get rid of the corruption.

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