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We assume that many of you out there have been playing Conan Exiles non-stop and are now way past the novice-stage. It’s time to build the formidable Abyss of Yog and construct those impenetrable late-game structures. For this you will need to craft hardened brick, and lots of it. We’re here to show you how.

Crafting Brick

The first step towards the construction of your dream stronghold is to craft some brick. Simple to make; place 10 pieces of stone and your choice of fuel into a furnace to craft 1 brick.

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Bricks can be used to create tier 2 structures such as stonebrick foundations, the wheel of pain, the blacksmith’s bench and training dummies.

Every home needs a wheel of pain.

Stone Consolidant

Your next step is to put together some stone consolidant. Place 2 ichor and 5 pieces of twine into a firebowl cauldron to create 5 stone consolidants.

How to get the Ichor: Ichor can be harvested from exotic and poisonous animals such as scorpions or spiders. Otherwise, various animal companions also produce wound secretions in the animal pen.

But you can also craft it. You will need the liquid press for this. 1 Ichor can be produced with 20x Abyssal Meat, Sand Lizard venom glands, snake venom glands, explosive glands or with 50x spoiled meat.

Hardened Brick

You are now at the final stage of your recipe. Take the two items you have just crafted, (brick and stone consolidant) and place them in a furnace with some fuel. A piece of each will provide you with 1 hardened brick.

This is a great material for late-game players. Hardened brick allows you to construct strongly reinforced buildings, a vault, the Sanctum of Set, the Temple of Mitra and even a stone throne for your royal tush.

Hide inside till daybreak.

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SOURCEConan Exiles - Gamepedia
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