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Been looking for glass to make certain recipes or got some as a drop and wondering what to do with it? Keep reading.

While it has been reported that glass does drop from enemies it is a lot more efficient to create it yourself. First you need to get your hands on some crystal which you can find in two ways. 1.) Go exploring in local caves where it can be easily spotted due to its red glow, or 2.) go hunting and dispatch some Rocknose’s, the rhinoceros look-a-like mobs, that like to dwell in the North-West. Then get your pickaxe out and get to harvesting some crystal.

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Back to Base

After a session of spelunking or mob bashing it’s time to take your crystal back to base and your forging furnace. If you don’t have a furnace yet it can be unlocked in your recipes and made with 540 stone. Make sure you have some fuel in there like wood or coal, pop in your crystal and off you go. It converts crystal into glass at a rate of 2 crystal per glass and takes 40 seconds.

The only use for the crystalline creation at the moment is making Glass Flasks which in turn then needs to be filled with water before being used in crafting Dye’s of many colours, more details in another article here. We are sure that there will be many more uses for glass to come so it may be worth while stocking up!

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