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The first DevStream for the upcoming Survival-MMO Conan Exiles from Funcom is finished and we were able to get additional information to the first gameplay scenes. In the stream, community manager Jens Erik (left) and creative director Joel Bylos show the first steps in the hyborian desert. We have summarized the most important info under the stream.

Character creation

First of all, the creation of a suitable character. You can choose from 14 breeds. As a player, you do not have to pay attention to whether a breed has special characteristics, because the breeds offer only optical differences.

If you have decided on a breed as well as gender, go to the details. Here, there are roleplay-typical options to customize your character at will. From the hair, facial details to the stature of the character, everything is there.

You must also choose a religion, but you are not bound to it forever. Changing the religion or worshiping several gods is possible in the game. If a god is well-disposed towards you, you can call him to help in battle. The snake god “Set” and the giant “Mitra” can already be seen in the trailer.

The first steps in the game

At the beginning of the adventure, you start with nothing but your underwear in the desert of Hyboria. Here, the player is forced to quickly search for a water source, so he does not die of thirst. Since Joel and Jens do not want to die, they have simply activated a god mode.

First resources are easy to find on the ground and the first objects can be produced quickly. The collection of resources and, in particular, the skill and crafting menu remind us strongly of ARK: Survival Evolved, which is not bad for a first impression. Also the leveling of one’s own character, in order to learn better and better objects, is based on ARK. The most important difference, however, is that you do not have to skill every single item, but there are also sets of items, such as the first basic clothing.


The first objects for the basic building are quickly learned, resources such as stones and wood are also quickly gathered together, so you can build a small hut. A first base is also very important, because in the status display there is a symbol for “shelter”, that is for safe accommodation. In the case of a sandstorm, the player is only safe when the symbol is full, in the shelter of a cave or a base.

The individual components of the base can be turned, swung as well as built higher or lower. Thus the player is able to build different buildings from a small hut to a huge fortress.


The combat mechanics look very dynamic in Conan Exiles. With every tool, every weapon or simply with your fists, you can fight. However, you should turn your back on some creatures. Crocodiles are said to be difficult to kill and without proper equipment an escape is the better choice.

Also the sneaking on opponents is possible, in order to surprise them and to achieve important first hits.


At the end of the stream, a few questions from the community were answered. The most important information is the map size, which should be 8 × 8 km. To start the early access end of January, however, only the desert biom will be available. The mounts are submitted with the first patch and are intended to serve the player as fast travel.

As in almost every Survival MMO, there are different emotes to exchange with the players. A chat is already integrated so that your own character does not wear the same clothes as any other, there are different types of armor as well as different styles through the many races in the game.

After an hour the stream finished with a few more to come till January 31, 2017 . Hopefully, we’ll soon see the special features that would make Conan Exiles stand out from other games.

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