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Brimstone, meaning “burning stone,” is a yellow coloured rock that nowadays we call sulphur. When set alight it burns like a liquid fire, and emits noxious fumes. Brimstone is also one of the many new and exciting resources that can be found in the world of Conan Exiles.

What is it good for?

Brimstone is a necessary ingredient for when you’re ready to upgrade from measly iron weapons and armour to bad-ass steel ones. When placed into a firebowl cauldron with tar and wood, steelfire is created. As you may have guessed, steelfire is needed to craft steel.

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Steel forged in a firebowl.

Brimstone Locations

Unfortunately you are going to have to put yourself in danger to acquire this sulphuric resource. Brimstone can be found in large quantities in most caves. But beware; the dark holes of Hyboria are home to desperate exiles, monstrous spiders and truly horrific creatures that feed off your fear.

If you’re not feeling the caves, there is another option. Travel north to the more mountainous regions of the Exiled Lands and you may find some creatures that drop brimstone upon death. Although, this is less common and equally as dangerous.

Brimstone in a cave.
Brimstone! Sweet success.

Best of luck survivors, you’re going to need it.


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