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Funcom have announced the release of a Conan Exiles DevKit; so all you mod creators out there should start designing. In addition, developers will be attending GDC 2017 and PAX East in Boston to reveal the future of Conan Exiles.

Here Come the Mods

Funcom developers are excited to let us know that Conan Exiles now has a DevKit and will be mod compatible. If you want to create some of the first mods for the game, head on over to to download the Unreal launcher and access their DevKit. With this add-on you’ll be able to create large and small modifications that can be uploaded to the Conan Exiles Steam Workshop. We are excited to see what crazy creatures, features and weapons the community comes up with.

Shall we have them scrambled or poached?

GDC & PAX East 2017

Developers have confirmed their attendance at both GDC in San Francisco and PAX East in Boston. At this year’s Game Developer Conference, Funcom will reveal the future of Conan Exiles and give us a quick taste of what’s to come. They have promised us a look at exclusive future content and features that their team are currently working on. GDC (Game Developer Conference) will take place in San Francisco from the 27th of February to the 3rd of March 2017.

Funcom have said that they will be available on the show-floor at PAX East this year. Anyone will be able to drop by to give the game a go, or have a chat with the developers. Exclusive copies of their Conan Exiles comic series, by Dark Horse Comics, will  be handed out to fans. PAX East will be in Boston from the 10th to the 12th of March 2017.

We will keep you informed on any up and coming content or news released.


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