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In yesterday’s dev stream, Funcom showed off some very exciting upcoming content for their savage sandbox survival Conan Exiles. Along with some hotfix news, we got to see the brand new climbing system in play and an updated map in all its glory.

Time to Climb

Currently in the works and set to debut in Funcom’s next major patch is character climbing. Yesterday’s Livestream gave all eager Exiles players a good look at the rudimentary climbing animations and controls that are being developed as we speak. However, Funcom claims that these are far from finished.

As of right now, players will use their stamina to climb both vertical and sloped surfaces, spanning from structures to mountains to trees. If you find yourself drained of stamina before reaching the top, then be ready for a painful drop to your death. Players are now going to be more inclined to level up their Grit for better stamina and climb potential. Currently the controls for climbing involve jumping into the surface and holding down space to latch on. Keeping hold of the spacebar and moving will allow the player to climb vertically, horizontally and even across ceilings as if on monkey bars. However, these controls may all be subject to change.

For early-game players intent on scaling tall structures, developers have decided to add climbing boots and gloves specialised to help reduce the amount of stamina used while climbing. Be warned that different armour types and power attacks will now also affect how much stamina is burned. Trying to climb with heavy armour may be a mistake. If you find yourself tumbling off the side of a cliff, you will now be able to hold down space and grab onto the cliff-face to slow and save yourself from a nasty fall.

We saw the addition of crenellated walls last patch, knowing full well players were being given a chance to prepare for climbing invaders. Adding these special walls, strategic thralls and siege cauldrons to your strongholds will act as effective defence against climbers. Remember that you’re not able to attack while climbing and will fall when hit by an enemy projectile; choose your scaling spots carefully.

Map Changes

We were also given a brief look at the updated world map, with all new details, depth and the ability to place markers. We were told that the map is still a major work in progress and will also eventually reward icons for in-game points of interest players discover. The map may even show player deathpoints in the near future.


Along with the Livestream, yesterday Funcom released a bunch of hotfixes for problems that appeared in the previous Conan Exiles content update. Here is the list:

SOURCEConan Exiles via Youtube
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