Castration and Decapitation

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The rather graphic nudity in Conan Exiles has already caused ripples across the gaming community. The title infamous for its penis and breast customisation, as well as its dangling testicular physics has mentioned the possibility of castration! Better start hiding your crown jewels guys.

Naked and Nutless

During an Reddit AMA session held over the weekend, Funcom, developers of the barbaric title, hinted at the possibility of character decapitation and even castrationWhile answering questions about sacrifice and rituals within the game, developers mentioned their desire to allow players to keep certain parts of other human bodies as trophies:

“We really want you to be able to harvest the heads of your foes and stick them on spikes outside and around your bases. Maybe even at some point…castration.” – Joel Bylos

Character Customisation.

So if the developers at Funcom stick to their grisly plan, soon every house in Hyboria will be decorated with an array of multicultural scrota. Whether taking trophies will have any actual benefit aside from being decorative is still unclear. Although it does sound fun to hack off the head of your enemy and spike it in your garden back home.

What do you think? Does beheading suit the Conan Exiles style? And is castration going a little too far? Let us know!

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