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New IP Conan Exiles is set to launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on May 8th, and what better way to anticipate than to be updated on the big changes coming for its release. Conan Exiles is true to the bone survival game, and many fans of both the franchise and genre would sure be interested in this.

“What we do want to make very clear is that we will never lock features we have talked about for Early Access behind paid content updates.”

The Bigger the Better

The world of Conan Exiles as set on the preview isn’t as ample as you think, base on source, the game on its release is promised to be twice the size than it is currently. With more biomes to explore and set foot on, like deadly volcanoes and murky swamps. It will also include a myriad of gameplay improvements, like class and attribute/stats updates, and a revamped and more refined combat.

New mechanics are also proudly announced, adding some spiced up realism to the experience. Players will now be able to do seemingly peaceful farming, yes, simulated vegetation farming(the beauty of building your empire), while being surpressed with tension by new varieties of NPC evil. As if the hostile player raiders weren’t enough(*laughs in worry). On the flip side of the pressure, there is some sigh of relief as the game will come with fast travel, by the time of release.

Never Go Full Barbarian

Mind over brawn, not just with surviving and conquering the savage land, but with what you are going to buy. The game is a complete package, but not without its imperfections. The game won’t have trusty steeds to ride on as for one, but then again it is an idea held by the developers, and so are many more various improvements. By the looks of things, the game will continuously be updated by the developers in order to reach the best gaming experience possible, but only with the help of loyal supporters and players. If Conan Exiles is on your wishlist, keep in mind the game is not yet as polished, but has great gameplay and care from the developers. More updates to come.

SOURCEConan Exiles - Official
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