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A few days ago, Funcom released a 14GB patch for Conan Exiles. Included in this update are bug fixes, added server settings and brand new features. But why would this be 14GB? The size is a result of the graphical materials and textures being re-calculated, which requires you to re-download them and restart your game to see the updates. The developers apologize for causing such an inconvenience.

Server Settings

  • Players can now decide when PVP starts and ends as well as which days it is active.
  • Players can set the start time, end time and on which specific days people can damage fellow players’ buildings.
  • Players can decide the start time, end time and specific days on which avatars are summoned.
  • You can modify the damage caused by NPCS.
  • You can modify the damage caused by other players.

Server Browser

  • The most recent server you played on will appear at the top of the server list.
  • The servers you favorite will be marked with a star.
  • Official servers are placed at the top when using the “Internet” filter.
  • Player-count organizes the current players first then the max players second.
  • There is a specific button for each region to rent servers from G-portal.
  • The option to show invalid servers should not hide valid servers.
  • Valid servers will no longer be labelled as invalid.

Performance and Tech Fixes

  • Servers will now have faster startup times.
  • Game client allows memory optimizations.
  • Fixed crashes relating to server startups.
  • Possible fix for issue with server wipes during server startups.

General Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • You can partially repair buildings even if you are lacking in resources.
  • By pressing the middle mouse button, players can automatically align objects with the ground.
  • You can once again destroy Mitra and Set altars.
  • A stronger hit confirmation has been added for when the object is hit and at cross-hair.
  • Crossbows now fire properly.
  • Captured slaves should spawn now.
  • Relic rocks that are in start zones have collision.
  • You can now find item icon within’ the in-game cheat menu.

Balance and Gameplay Fixes

  • EXPLOIT FIX: You can no long jump on exploding jars without facing consequences.
  • Underwater corpses are now accessible.
  • The issues caused by Explosive Jar have been resolved. Wells should no longer block building around them.
  • EXPLOIT FIX: You cannot repeatedly loot from your own corpse anymore.
  • EXPLOIT TEMPFIX: The pike alternate attack has been temporarily disabled.

Text and Localisation

  • New Dialogues and Translations.
  • Subtitles can be added to the voiced Lore objects.
  • Item names and Item descriptions should be displayed correctly.

Visual Improvements

  • Additional two female hairstyles.
  • Additional male hairstyle.
  • The floating rocks and grass issues were fixed.
  • The size of the fiber bed was taken down and you can destroy it.
  • Missing weapon trails was added for a selective group of weapons.
  • Adjustments were made on the way the river flows.

Known Issues

  • If you’ve already changed your default key bindings, the recently added binds or redefined default binds won’t be updated for you. They are working on how to fix this.
  • Female characters can have male voices. This will be included in the next patch.
  • Some players will be unable to build shrines while in single player mode.
  • NPCS will sometimes chase you into the water.

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