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Retailer probably leaks Collectors Edition of Dying Light 2

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A picture of the Collectors Edition of Dying Light 2 appeared on the Imgur media platform. Allegedly the picture comes from a retailer.

That’s going on: Dying Light 2 was postponed indefinitely in early 2020. At the end of 2020, developer Techland announced that they would like to provide further information on the status of development in 2021.

A picture now tells us what to expect in the Collectors Edition and what the developers will soon reveal to us:

Dying Light 2 Collectors Edition

The picture was originally published by the retailer, but has long since been removed from there. If we go by the picture, the Collectors Edition of Dying Light 2 will include:

  • The basic game + Steelbook
  • A collector’s figure
  • UV sticker
  • UV lamp in Dying Light 2 design
  • An art book
  • A map with secret locations

When Dying Light 2 will be released is still unclear. It has also not been officially confirmed whether the Collectors Edition really offers this content. So rather enjoy this information with caution.




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