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Raft – Update 1.03 and the Ask Me Anything

Raft just got a new small update which adds a new item and feature. Besides that, the developers did an Ask Me Anything with the community.
Orphan Age

Orphan Age – Demo Review: Children in War

Studio Black Flag just finished their successful Kickstarter of their new game Orphan Age. In here you will play as a child who needs to survive the war and lead a group of children. As a free demo was available, we tried out the game.
Will to live Online

Will to Live Online – A MMORPG post apocalyptic survival shooter

Ever wanted a first-person shooter that was also an MMORPG? Well, you get the best of both worlds with Will to Live Online from AlphaSoft LLC.
Scum Game

SCUM – The Open World Trailer

After all the developer's blogs of the survival game SCUM, where they dive deeper into every mechanic, E3 had something else to offer.

Frostpunk – A challenging new Survival Mode

Are you one of the Frostpunk players that succeed even on the hardest settings without batting an eye? Well, 11-bit studio's just released the first free update, called survivor mode. Which is more challenging then what we have been used to so far!
Don't Starve: Hamlet

Don’t Starve: Hamlet – Survive among the Pigmen

The last time we talked about Don't Starve: Hamlet was back in 2017. However, Klei Entertainment showed the trailer with the release date at the E3 PC Gaming Show,