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SCUM – Vaulting and Climbing Explained

The upcoming survival game SCUM, brings another developer video where this time they take some time to talk about the climb and vaulting mechanics of the game, which are excitedly normal.

Frostpunk – New Devblog Showcases a Helping Hand

It was quiet for some time, but 11 bit studios is still working hard on Frostpunk. Their new developer update gives some insight on the steampunk additions: Automations. But thats not all, as the release date of Frostpunk is coming closer and closer.

Hunt: Showdown – Are You the Hunter or the Hunted?

Crytek returns with their upcoming game: Hunt: Showdown, a mixture between horror, western and survival where you fight against bosses and other players.
Fade To Silence

Fade to Silence – Hope is here

The first big update for the early acces title Fade To Silence happened a few days ago. The Title of the update: Hope, already gives a good insight on the new additions and bug fixes. As well as the bright future of Fade To Silence as this is just update one of the reeks.

Little Devil Inside – Surreal but Familiar Open-World Survival Action

Little Devil Inside just passed its Kickstarter campaign and seems to become a visually appealing piece of action survival in an open world full of adventures.
Life is Feudal

Life is Feudal: MMO – Grind to a New Future

We dived into another survival game to bring you a brand new game introduction. This time we take a look at Life is Feudal, a MMO currently in early access. Where in the harsh medieval times our character goes on a journey to get a better future.

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