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Dawn of Man

Dawn of Man- Back to our Roots

A new survival city-builder game from Mandruga works is on its way. This time we don't venture to a new planet but we start from scratch while surviving in the prehistory.
Grim soul:Survival

Grim Soul: Survival – A world full of Darkness

With the upcoming mobile genre, there is no need anymore to think about playing survival games when you are on the road. As the mobile game Grim Soul: Survival challenges you to survive in its dark world by collecting resources, building your base and discover dangerous places.
The Black Death

The Black Death – Survive the Plague

Will you survive in a world where the plague is raving the lands while finding a cure? The early acces game The Black Death challenges you to do this. We decided to check out the current state of the game to see what it offers.
The Long Dark

The Long Dark – Preview of the December Update

Get ready for the december update as a new animal will start to roam the woods and you can choose your difficulty at Wintermute.
Escape From Tarkov Gamescom 2017

Escape from Tarkov – Gamescom 2017 Preview

We were invited to attend a preview of what's to come in the latest build of Escape from Tarkov. From the player base to weapons and even a new map.
Rimworld feature.

RimWorld – Deep Space Sci-Fi Survival

A wonderfully deep and complex survival management game that certainly doesn't feel like it's in Early Access. You will become immersed in each new planet and colony you create. Defeat is bittersweet as losses are keen felt, but a fresh start is just around the corner. So buckle up and get set for another danger and drama filled ride.