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The Long Dark – What’s next? An Interview with Raphael van Lierop

We did an interview with Raphael van Lierop. Where we talked about the further of The Long Dark, what their plans are and what will happen after Episode 5.

Fade to Silence – Ash is an active dreamer

Wrapping up the Gamescom posts, we also teamed up with Black Forest Games to talk about Fade to Silence. Where we learned a lot about the upcoming update.
gamescom 18 beast inside

The Beast Inside – A Challenging horror game from Poland

At Gamescom 2018 we talked to Lucas Smaga of Illusion Ray Studios and got more information about their horror game The Beast Inside. In particular, we talk about the realistic interactions and puzzles.
New World Amazon Survival MMO gamescom 2018

New World – Amazon Game Studios present huge Survival MMO

When Amazon Game Studios gets combined with a survival MMO, the result is New World. We had the chance to play the alpha-demo and we can only cheer for it.
Rising World Interview Gamescom 17

Rising World – Gamescom 2017: What We Can Expect from the Developers

The young German team of developers of JIW Games have a rising star in their midst. Be prepared for Minecraft's successor, Rising World.
hobo tough life

Hobo: Tough Life – Gamescom 2017: A Homeless Simulator

An interesting game about surviving as a homeless person was at Gamescom 2017, bringing a serious take on a topic we haven't seen used before in games.