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GARAGE: Bad trip

GARAGE: Bad Trip – A Trip down Memory Lane

While being exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, the retro zombie shooter GARAGE: Bad Trip already has found its way to Steam.
Pamali - Indonesischer Folklore Horror

Pamali: Demo Review – An Indonesian Horror experience

While Storytale Studios is trying to fund their Indonesian folklore inspired horror game Pamali, we checked out their free demo!
Infliction - Demo Review - Horrorspiel

Infliction: Demo Review – It once felt like Home

With the help of Kickstarter the one-man studio Caustic Reality is trying to publish its horror game named Infliction. Because of the campaign a free demo is available to try and well it made us shiver!
Curtain Call

Dead by Daylight – New DLC: Curtain Call

A new DlC emerges from the shadows of Dead By Daylight. Curtain calls brings a new killer, a female survivor and a new creepy map which is filled with carnaval attractions. However, if you have a phobia for clowns this might not be the dlc you hoped for.....
Secret Neighbor Disguise

Secret Neighbor – Sequel to Hello Neighbor Planned for 2018

Developer tinyBuild has revealed a multiplayer sequel to Hello Neighbor titled Secret Neighbor. In Secret Neighbor, players will team up to search the neighbor’s house to find and rescue a friend locked away within the house.
Bring to light

Bring to Light – Your heart determines the game

Bring to Light, a horror game by Red Meat Games will have the option to track your heart rate. How well will you be able to handle the horror of the underground?