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Articles and information about the Dino Survival Title ARK: Survival Evolved from the developer Wildcard Studio

ARK mobile

ARK: Survival Evolved – Releasing on iOS and Android

ARK: Survival Evolved is coming to mobile on iOS and Android "this spring" and it is going to include everything the $60 counterpart does, except it's free.

ARK: Survival Evolved – Aberration is Finally Coming

After getting delayed twice, Studio Wildcard announced the final release date of their new expansion pack called Aberration for their game ARK: Survival Evolved.
ARK: Aberration DLC

ARK: Survival Evolved – First MicroNOPEsactions Coming to the Dino Survival

ARK-developer Studio Wildcard broke another promise when bringing first dino skins to the stores of Xbox and PlayStation.
Aberration expansionvideo

ARK: Survival Evolved: Aberration – Brand New Expansion

Studio Wildcard announced a new expansion set to hit our screens in October 2017. This is ARK: Aberration. Ready to face the Nameless?

ARK: Survival Evolved – An Epic Boss Fight and a Finale for ARK?

The TEK cave is ready; the Overseer is prepped. Are you prepared to enter and finish a game that has been in development for over 3 years? Boss battle time!
ARK Survival Evolved Interview GC

ARK: Survival Evolved – Developer Interview: The Future of ARK

We were lucky enough to sit down with some of the producers from Studio Wildcard and discuss all the future plans and content for ARK.