Bring to light


The game studio Red Meat Games promises to take an interesting turn on the horror genre with their game Bring to light. As your heart is able to play a huge role on the horror aspect.

The Avatar of Darkness

The journey starts when you get into a subway crash. As you can’t find the exit you decide to delve deeper into the earth to find another way. Underground you will need to navigate your way through puzzles and enemies that live in the darkness. But that’s not everything, as your character needs to solve the mystery behind the Avatar of Darkness and his Shadowspawn.

However, Bring to Light offers a unique experience by tracking down your heart rate while wearing a Scosche Rhythm or Polar H10. The moment the game starts monitoring your heart rate it will either become scarier or it slows down. Because of this, it promises to personalize your experience of the game.

Bring to Light will be available for PC, Vive, and Oculus on 13th July. Later on, the game will come out on the PS4 and the Xbox as well.


SOURCEBring to light Via Steam
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