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Have you already shot your way through Gearbox’s crazy world of Borderlands 3 and need a change? Then the Arms Race Mini-Events are just right for you.

What’s going on: The world of Borderlands 3 is huge and can keep you happy for hours. In the unlikely event that your lust should actually leave you, we would like to recommend the Arms Race to you. This Arms Race lasts three weeks and offers you a new mini-event every week.

However, you need the “Designer’s Cut” add-on for this, which you can purchase either separately or as part of Season Pass 2. The first event started on January 21st and is called “Clear Skies”

These are the plunder parade mini events

Week 1 – Clear Skies

This is the event: During the first week, there is a higher chance of stealing better items from opponents. In addition, the Murdercane decreases more slowly, which gives you additional time to get the maximum amount of loot.

When does the event start? “Clear Skies” started as already mentioned on January 21st at 9 AM PT and ends on January 28th at 8:59 AM PT.

Week 2 – Extra Extra Extraction

This is the event: In the second week, all extraction stations have additional spaces so that you can extract more items. In addition, the probability is much higher that DAHL boxes will drop when airdrops occur. These also have a high chance of containing exclusive equipment from the Arms Race.

When does the event start? “Extra Extra Extraction” and is active from January 28th, 9 AM PT to February 4th, 8:59 AM PT.

Week 3 – Gear Rush

This is the event: In the third week, rare boxes with special items appear more often in the Arms Race. Green DAHL boxes, which you can find at various points in the Stormblind Complex, also have a high probability of dropping exclusive items. In contrast to the “Clear Skies”, however, you have to hurry, as the Murdercane is now approaching much faster.

When does the event start? “Gear Rush” covers the week from February 4th at 9 AM PT to February 11th at 8:59 AM PT.

What do you think of this multi-week event? Is this a reason for you to spank a lot of asses in Borderlands again or is this event not appealing to you? Feel free to tell us in the comments


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