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The rules of Twitch are not always clearly formulated and there are always illegal bans from streamers. Now the cosplay streamer “DelightDaniTV” has caught it during a body paint stream, which actually adhered to the Twitch specifications.

What happened? The American streamer Delightfully Dani “DelightDaniTV” has been banned from the streaming platform Twitch for an unlimited period of time. Usually, she streams in the cosplay area, plays or talks to her community. In the stream that led to the ban, she wanted the “Female Titan” from the anime series “Attack on Titan” with the help of body paint cosplayers.

However, the permaban was illegally pronounced, and as a result, she is now losing her livelihood.

Here’s what Twitch says: The ban was imposed by Twitch for violating community guidelines. It is explicitly about “Inappropriate body painting”. The rules mainly provide for the following:

  • Female body painters have to cover their nipples with nipple stickers or latex and paint them over with opaque paint.
  • The chest or upper body must already be painted to cover the stream before the stream starts.

Delightfully Dani has obeyed these rules according to her own statement and still cashed the ban. She asks Twitch to delete the body paint category if you don’t want this content on the platform. Because some female body painters have already been hit.

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Twitch makes a fool of itself with such bans

Anyone who reads Twitch news often, is on social media, or is generally interested in the topic will surely have noticed. The ban rules on Twitch are clear, but Twitch itself often deviates greatly from them and gives vague explanations.

So streamers are permanently banned who actually do nothing wrong, as DelightDaniTV had to experience now, while other streamers “accidentally” show themselves completely naked and receive a ridiculous 3-day ban. The body painter also addresses this in her tweets:

Here it obviously depends on which Twitch employee is currently on the longer lever and makes the decisions in this regard. Twitch has to provide fixed rules that not only the community but also Twitch itself adhere to.

What do you think about it? Is the ban justified or is Twitch slowly becoming a corporation that shits little streamers? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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