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The South Korean publisher Kakao Games is best known from Black Desert Online. Now the publishing giant has announced a new multiplayer shooter with a survival focus – Dysterra.

That’s the announcement: Kakao Games announced the online survival shooter Dysterra with a one-minute alpha trailer. The game is being developed by the South Korean studio RealityMagiQ, which previously specialized in VR titles.

Kakao Games has not yet announced an exact release date – however, the target release date is 2021. A first, four-day alpha test is scheduled to take place on March 18, and interested parties can register using a Google form.

What is Dysterra about?

In Dysterra, many players are fighting for survival on the prison planet Terra. According to the developers, PVP battles should be the focus. In addition, you have to use special guns to mine resources, manufacture products, and set up bases. It is also possible to raid and loot enemy bases.

The trailer also suggests a cooperative mode in which you and other players have to prevent the outbreak of the “terra fire” – apparently an imminent natural disaster. What exactly is behind this cannot yet be said based on the current information.

In addition to the problems typical of the survival genre, environmental influences such as radioactivity or cold will also bother you in Dysterra. As a bonus, fights against various robots and ‘Mechs also seem to be on the daily schedule.

What do you think of Dysterra so far and are you interested in the Alpha?


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